My name is Amber, and as you can already tell, I love to photograph people. I
strongly believe photos are the best way to preserve and share special memories and life events with your family, friends, children, and your children’s children. 
I was born and raised in Hawaii, and a few years ago I graduated with an architecture degree. I bought my first SLR camera prior to a month-long architecture tour through Europe back in 2008, and I haven’t stopped taking photos since. During architecture school, we sketched scenes, or “vignettes,” to emulate the feeling of a space in a building. I felt that this idea can easily translate to my methods of taking photos, which is why I named my brand Vignette Studio.

While I have a full-time job as an architectural designer, I take photos of my friends, family and new clients on the weekends as a hobby and to keep my creativity flowing.

I limit the amount of photo sessions I commit to because I believe in quality
over quantity. This also means I can focus on editing each photo carefully and my turnaround time is fairly quick! 
Thank you for taking me into consideration and I hope to work with you soon!