Happy New Year!

Though I didn't blog as many sessions as I promised myself I would, I'm glad to say this year is a huge progress from the last. I've made new clients thanks to my friends who helped spread the word, and I felt that my skills have improved. Hopefully, next year will be just as great if not better.

I want to send thanks to my family, friends, new friends and husband who have been supportive with my personal goals throughout. Having a full-time job, side photo gigs and a toddler is a crazy balance but I'm loving it so far. Happy new year!


PS: Celebrated the last day of 2017 taking photos of my close friend, Song, her hubby and baby Ry!


17-1231 Omura Family (3 of 47).jpg
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Ashley + Marques Surprise Proposal!

Marques contacted me to help him plan his proposal to his girlfriend, Ashley. I've never met them before, but after an exchange of a few back-and-forth emails, I learned more about what he wanted to come out of the photoshoot as well as learned about their personalities. They met each other in college and just had their baby girl (who's super adorable, by the way!). I could tell through the tone of Marques' emails that he was very nervous so I wanted do my best to help make their proposal go as smoothly as possible. 

Ashley was "tricked" into thinking that they were only taking family photos. Her parents also tagged along so they could take care of Harper when I took photos of Ashley and Marques. Halfway through our photoshoot Marques planned to approach her from behind and pop the question while I pretended to photograph her and Harper.

It was exciting to be a part of a big moment in their lives, and I'm so honored that Marques asked me to take their photos! Congratulations once again, Ashley and Marques!

Biwen + Carl

Here's a compilation of photos taken for our dear friend, Biwen and her now-husband, Carl for their wedding back in December 2016 at Kualoa Ranch. This was a collaborative photoshoot between Matthew Arakaki and I, and Biwen was our close friend throughout architecture school. 

When we found out that Biwen and Carl were engaged, we didn't hesitate to offer to take their photos as a wedding gift. They took the offer and had asked us to take their photos only up to the wedding ceremony so we could enjoy the rest of the night. We enjoyed every minute of their wedding day as well as had a lot of practice on working with such a large group of people. 

I'll never forget the night we were all introduced to Carl at karaoke venue. He owned the mic when he sang and danced to "Gangnam Style" and "She Bangs" like I have never seen before. I could sense the real love that Biwen and Carl have for each other that night and we couldn't be happier for them!


Holiday Photos!

Its that time of year again! If you haven't taken your family photos for your holiday card yet and want your session to be simple and stress-free, I am offering one-hour sessions for $150 from November 19 - December 11. Please contact me for details and booking!


Ricky + Kai


In August, I was given the honor of photographing my good friend and his wife's wedding in Waimanalo. My friend Ricky and I go way back to the beginning of time, or at least the beginning of architecture school, in 2006, and I've always known him as one who loved being outdoors, surfing, the ocean and nature. He met his now wife, Kai, and her son Kanoa on a paddling team. They tied the knot on Waimanalo Beach and I couldn't be happier for them!

Thank you for trusting me to photograph your wedding, Ricky and Kai!

Rivad Family Reunion

A family friend reached out to me in 2014 asking me to take photos of her family whom I have never met before. I was a little hesitant to commit, knowing I haven't had taken photos of a group larger than 30 people before. I made that clear when I was on the call with her, but she promised I would do fine. Thankfully, her family was very easy to work with - fun, photogenic, and reminded me of my own family. You can also tell in these photos that their wardrobe was well-planned! Each family designated their own color, and when put together in that last photo, their colors came together very nicely.

Thank you for the opportunity, Maila!

Nana's daughters and son.

The whole Rivad family! Framing this photo was a bit tricky!

Celena + George

I became friends with George during architecture school, and met Celena shortly after they got engaged. Both creative and free-spirited, I got excited when they approached me one day asking to take their engagement photos with their crazy ideas. Each of their favorite colors became the color theme of their wedding. They wanted to use them in these photos with buckets of paint. I was nervous about the idea at first, but thankfully we pulled it off and I came close to what they had envisioned, or at least I hope so! Their love for each other easily shined through in these photos, and their photogenic smiles and fun personalities made my job a little too easy! 

Thanks for letting me take your local engagement photos (this was from May 2015). I'm sorry I couldn't make it to your wedding in California last month, I'm sure it was amazing! 

2015-05-30 George and Celena-111.jpg