Makkuro Makkuro, a new pop-up shop

Makkuro Makkuro is a curated pop-up shop established by Erika Enomoto in 2012. The pop-up shop features a few new local designers (including myself), and others that are more established in the local fashion community. While their products such as jewelry and clothing are sold, a section of the shop is composed of second hand fashion items. 

Find out more about Makkuro Makkuro here and their facebook page! 

I was invited to become a part of the Makkuro Makkuro team through my cousin Aron, who was a long time friend with the group that composed Makkuro Makkuro. Aron started his own jewelry line about the same time as I did, which naturally allowed us to support each other. It was great to see our style in jewelry-making form as both our lines were completely different! Follow his blog here

I was really nervous and didn't know what to expect with the turnout, but the event was very successful and I've met a lot of new customers!

 Preparation for Mango Luxe's first sales event a few days prior.

Preparation for Mango Luxe's first sales event a few days prior.

Most of the Makkuro Makkuro team! (photo by Aron)

Aron (right) and myself at Makkuro Makkuro's first pop-up and our very first sales event! (photo by Aron)

Second-hand clothing and accessories (photo by Aron)

Corner for Aron, or iimono's, items. (photo by Aron)