Celena + George

I became friends with George during architecture school, and met Celena shortly after they got engaged. Both creative and free-spirited, I got excited when they approached me one day asking to take their engagement photos with their crazy ideas. Each of their favorite colors became the color theme of their wedding. They wanted to use them in these photos with buckets of paint. I was nervous about the idea at first, but thankfully we pulled it off and I came close to what they had envisioned, or at least I hope so! Their love for each other easily shined through in these photos, and their photogenic smiles and fun personalities made my job a little too easy! 

Thanks for letting me take your local engagement photos (this was from May 2015). I'm sorry I couldn't make it to your wedding in California last month, I'm sure it was amazing! 

2015-05-30 George and Celena-111.jpg
Amber AbinsayComment