Pricing & FAQ

Portraits and Family Sessions $350+

Elopements $800+

Weddings $1500+


A. If you can’t decide, I can help! We can discuss what look you’re going for and I can provide you a few options. The time of our photoshoot also matters. Most of the day, the sun is at an undesirable angle. Some locations may work best in the mornings and others may work best in the late afternoons. If the location is mostly shaded, the sun angle and time of day may not matter. I take all of this into consideration when we figure out the what the best location is for you.

Q. What happens in the event of heavy rain or drastic weather conditions on our session date?

A. Since 90% of the photoshoots I have done in the past were in outdoor locations, I have been through this a few times and have made the call whether or not to postpone our session 12-24 hours prior to our session date. If you want, we can schedule one session date and one backup session date in case this happens.


Q. What method of photo delivery do you use and how long does it take to deliver our photos?

A. All photo deliveries are handled digitally through email unless you request a copy of your photos on USB or CD. I commit to a 4-6 week time frame after the date of session to edit and package your photos. When they're ready, a link will be sent to your email. This will lead you to a website specially designed to handle photo deliveries, which enable you to easily download high-resolution images directly to your computer.

Q. How do I find more details on your pricing and why are photographers so expensive?

A. Please email me if you would like to see a detailed price guide. My rates are very comparable to the local market, but its important for clients to understand that there are many aspects to the photography business that require (sometimes a lot of) money, which is integrated to a photographer’s fee.


Q. Are you open to doing types of photoshoots beyond what’s shown on your website?

A. Absolutely! Creative businesses are always a learning process. I’m open to trying out new things. Don’t hesitate to discuss, I’m only an email away.

Other types of photoshoots I’ve done that aren’t currently displayed on my website: Fresh48 (hospital postpartum delivery room photography), Newborn Photography, Boudoir Photography and Architecture/Interiors Photography.


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